I just Googled “Tale of the Fox” just to see where I might fall in the pecking order.  Not surprisingly, there are a few books with the title, including a biography of the now-deceased drummer from Kiss, Eric Carr.  I wasn’t even in the first five results pages.  I’m a nobody….but I’m a nobody with a blog!

My Writing….

I am in two different writers’ groups, and I’ve recently started to share my poems/lyrics in one of them (The South Jersey Writers Group).  I have gotten nothing but positive feedback on my two offerings, including this morning, which was at a meeting to discuss blogs, hence this from which you’re reading now.

Thank you, Marie, for your kind words and encouragement.  I like to think I’m good at what I do, but I’m obviously biased.  When that validation is given by others, especially other WRITERS, it’s simply incredible.  Sometimes it’s actually good to be me.

Hello, Readers!

Hello, readers! I hope to keep you entertained (and myself as well) through this blog. I don’t have a specific plan for this blog; I’m just going to let it unfold as I go. It’ll therefor be a journey into the written unknown, and I hope you enjoy the trip with me.