My Writing….

I am in two different writers’ groups, and I’ve recently started to share my poems/lyrics in one of them (The South Jersey Writers Group).  I have gotten nothing but positive feedback on my two offerings, including this morning, which was at a meeting to discuss blogs, hence this from which you’re reading now.

Thank you, Marie, for your kind words and encouragement.  I like to think I’m good at what I do, but I’m obviously biased.  When that validation is given by others, especially other WRITERS, it’s simply incredible.  Sometimes it’s actually good to be me.

2 thoughts on “My Writing….

  1. This is why I enjoy our group. We give support and encouragement to each other, and a reminder that even though we haven’t been paid for our work, we have created something, a poem, a song, a story, and we have left our mark on others.

  2. fox81j says:

    Thank you for reading and commenting! That is what we strive to do, whether we’re aware of it or not, isn’t it? To make an impact, to leave the reader/listener with something that stays. Something that lingers in their memory like….like….like a verbal virus! A benign one, of course!

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