I want to show and give thanks for all of the loved ones and gifts I have in my life.

I have friends, family,  and acquaintances that enrich my life.  I have a gift (I think) for writing which allows me to express myself and feeds my soul.  I have wonderful technology which allows me to store 800 musical albums (and counting) and connect with those I care about.  I have a job which allows me to support myself. I have a home and a very reliable car, both of which I love.  And, of course, I have my Furgii (see below).

This all being said (and meant), is it wrong following seven straight days at work (the last three in excess of ten hours and dealing with the public) that I just want to be left alone on Thursday before returning to work on Friday?  Alone except for The Furg, of course.

5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, and no, after seven days of work, it’s not wrong to need some down time. I love your dog. What breed is it?

  2. fox81j says:

    You have a Happy Thanksgiving, too!

    Furgii’s a Rat Terrier probably mixed with Miniature Pinscher. A Rat-Pin! She’s the bestest!

  3. Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving Jordan! Furgii is adorable!

  4. regina s. says:

    No! I want to be left alone as well but you… no its not a bad thing! btw the cakes were awesome..and we had mac and cheese which i know you were overdosed by but was good

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