Finding New Friends

Since joining the writers’ groups in which I’ve been involved, I have:

Gained inspiration (mostly in the form of “prompts”–being given a word, phrase, or theme on which to create), created many pieces of which I’m proud, shared some of my pieces aloud, and gotten praise for my work.  I haven’t submitted anything for publishing (haven’t quite had the balls to deal with rejection yet), but who knows?

There has been one unexpected but completely rewarding “side effect” of joining these groups, however:  developing friendships.  Becoming involved in other people’s lives, discovering our common grounds, caring for others and (sometimes begrudgingly) letting them in.  It seems rather dense of me, in retrospect, not to have foreseen this, but I was a very shut off person emotionally and socially at the time I “enlisted” in these groups two and a half years ago.

I was terrified of being judged, being found unworthy, being hurt, and on and on after the breakup of my marriage.  I was always guarded to an extent, wary of others and their intentions, but it escalated at that point in time.

It may have been unexpected for these friendships to come into being, even unwanted in the beginning, but I’m grateful and absolutely enriched by these relationships, no doubt.  And new ones are still being formed.

I generally don’t intend to share my poetry/lyrics on my blog because of copyrights, but I will share this one that I wrote about this experience.  The title is in reference to the name of the group for which I had written it, Seeking the Muse.

Musing the Night Fantastic 8/5/09

My friends, we gather but once each week,
A time I anticipate greatly.
Sometimes it’s your singular wit,
Sometimes your prose so stately,
Sometimes those unpredictable whims;
Your crafts combine with balance.
You awe me and I’m honored so
To witness these wondrous talents.
Yet mutual respect that we each have
For our group’s sublime creations
Has grown a friendship’s precious rose,
Perhaps the greatest of our revelations.

Love you guys and gals, InFOXicatedly

Take that, John Keats!

4 thoughts on “Finding New Friends

  1. Marie Gilbert says:

    Great post. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  2. Thank you also for letting read your poems today, they were amazing

  3. Jordan Fox says:

    Marie, it is I who must thank YOU for allowing me to show them to you, as well as for being the kind of person who inspires so much trust as to share such personal writings.

    I also want to add that, while the poem above was written about experiences within Seeking the Muse, it was the same feeling I had today while being surrounded by members of the South Jersey Writers Group which inspired this blog. SJWG is by no means left out!

  4. Marie Gilbert says:

    We do belong to a great group. Everyone there is willing to share their time and advice. I have learned so much from them.

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